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New Magnolia Illustration and my Sketchbook

Last spring I blogged about a page in my sketchbook, and showed the process of a magnolia illustration I had done. (Check it out here.) Now, I’ve finished a digital, vector illustration using that sketch as a template. I actually started this not too long after the original sketch, but I felt like something about it just wasn’t working. So I put it aside for awhile. Recently, I started working on it again. I changed the background from a light blue to this darker shade, and added the small leaves at the base of the flowers. Suddenly it felt finished. Originally, I hadn’t wanted to do a pink colorway, but it ended up being my favorite. What do you think?

What else am I working on? This fun little sketch of a mermaid’s tail. I wasn’t home, so I used colored pencil to add color instead of marker. I’ve really been loving colored pencil lately.

And just a few days ago I finished this drawing of some daffodils.

New! Maple Leaf Illustration

I’m really happy with this new illustration, of a maple leaf, that I finished. This all began with the silver maple tree in my yard, I love the shape and detail of the leaves, so I started drawing one in my sketchbook last fall, but didn’t finish it until last month, which you can see in this blog post of my sketchbook. Then I used my sketch as a basis for a digital illustration.
Now I’m contemplating a pair of these leggings created with my artwork on society6.   Shameless self promotion aside (although I really might get these leggings), there are a ton of great artists on society6, if you haven’t checked them out you should. And the artwork is available on a bunch of items, including wall tapestries, cell phone cases, and t shirts. So far, the only item of purchased is a tote bag. I’m happy with the quality of it, nothing special, just a canvas bag with handles, but its been on several trips to the farmers market and days at the beach.

Sailor Jerry Swallows

I finished this digital illustration of a pair of swallows last week. The inspiration was Sailor Jerry style, vintage inspired tattoo design. Because of the long distances they travel, sailors would get a swallow tattooed on them after sailing more than 5000 miles, or a pair after 10000, or after a particularly perilous trip. The also represent love and coming home.

This was a pretty quick illustration for me, I worked at it a little each day for about a week. Then once I figured out how to draw one of the wings it all came together and I spent an afternoon locked in my office finishing it.

I’m pretty happy with this, I like the simplicity and the bold colors. I’m considering doing some more tattoo inspired pieces, maybe a dragon or a mermaid.

Illustration Friday: Reflection


I actually made this illustration a few years ago, but I haven’t posted it on this blog yet, so I decided to use it for this week’s “Illustration Friday” for the reflection theme.

I am frequently inspired by nature, and the environment surrounding me, and this was no exception. Although not native to either Virginia or North Carolina, I feel like the loons are an iconic species of the New Hampshire area, where I spent time when I was younger. It was during a trip to a friends camp on a lake in New Hampshire that I came up with this idea.

“Birch” Illustration


I’ve been working on this illustration for awhile, and finally finished it earlier this month. Although I usually work digitally, this illustration is hand done, using pen and ink, and then cut out and adhered to a black background. For me working by hand is always a bit nerve racking. Unlike with digital work, a mistake can’t be easily deleted, and I’m constantly in fear of screwing up and throwing away all that time and effort I put into my artwork. Fortunately, no screw ups here, and I’m really, really happy with my finished artwork.