In my Sketchbook, Maple Leaf

Here is a recently completed sketch of a maple leaf.

I started with just a rough outline, first in pencil, then traced in pen.
I added color using water color paints. I usually like to use markers, but I really wanted something soft and more blendable here.I’ve started building up and darkening the lines. I had some trouble with this. My favorite sakura pens weren’t working very well. I think maybe because I used a mixed media paper that the paint didn’t really soak into? I don’t usually use paints. Instead I used a gel pen, I had no problems working over the paint, but I feel like the lines aren’t as clean as I would like. Its hard to tell on the computer screen, and really, it won’t bother anyone but me.
The finished piece. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this, and I’ve started a digital illustration of this same design, which I plan to have finished in the next few weeks.