Autumn Dreams Cowl: Free Pattern

  This is a project I designed about a month ago, when I was dreaming of cooler weather in the middle of a heat wave. The colors of the yarn just screamed “fall” to me. I actually don’t have too many scarfs, which is unusual for a knitter, and no drapey cowls. So, I thought this would fit in perfectly with my wardrobe for fall, and would elevate a simple outfit of an oversized top and yoga pants (Yes, I am one of those people who thinks leggings are pants). I’ll try to add some pictures of the scarf on me, when the weather is finally cool enough to wear a scarf.
 It is a great travel project because it only requires 1 ball of yarn and is a pretty easy pattern, but the color changes in the yarn and the bias knitting and dropped stitches keep it interesting. It would also be a good pattern for a relative beginner, looking to venture beyond basic the knit stitch. Or for Christmas gifts because the drop stitch knits up so quickly.
One size, 10.5 inches wide, and 76 inches in circumference, which is long enough to loom around the neck twice.
1 ball “Shawl in a Ball” yarn by Lion Brand, I used the “Calming Desert” color way, and either 5.5 straight or circular knitting needles.
Special Techniques: Drop Stitch
If you’ve never worked in drop stitch, here is a tutorial video I found on YouTube. This tutorial uses 3 wraps per stitch, and my patten only uses two wraps per stitch.
Co 51 sts
K, kfb, knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k
Knit, wrapping yarn twice in each st
Knit, working the first wrap in each stitch and dropping the second
Repeat this 4 row pattern until your scarf is 76 inches long, or whatever your desired length is.
Cast off, and loosely sew the two ends together. I didn’t block my scarf, I like the drapey, scrunchy look of it.
As always, I’d love to see pictures if you make this scarf, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Etsy Treasury, Back to School Clothes, 2016

Back to School Clothes, 2016

Even though I haven’t been in school for awhile, I still love shopping for new clothes every fall

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For fall fashion I’m loving burgundy, olives, navy, greys, and browns. I love long loose layers that are comfy all day. I still love the boots, leggings, and oversized top look. Plaids and menswear fabrics, and dark floral boho prints. What are you loving for fall?

Summer in Massachusetts

Last week I went up to visit my family, who live just South of Boston, for a few days. It was a short trip, but good. I got away from the heat for a few days, saw my grandparents, went for a few longer walks (with the summer heat I’ve only been taking a short morning walk with my dogs), went shopping at a few stores we don’t have near where I live, and went sailing. I almost wish I hadn’t gone sailing, because it made me really miss it.

As you can tell, I love yellow flowers against a bright blue sky. These black eyed susans were in my parents garden.


Walking at Squantum Point Park, in Quincy. This park has fields of wildflowers and right now the tansy is in bloom, as well as some purple loosestrife.

IMG_3522 IMG_3521 IMG_3532Walking around St. Morritz Lake, also in Quincy. I’ve never walked here in the summer before, so I was pretty excited to discover it full of lilypads!

I wanted to get a closer up photo, but I would have had to walk through some mud, no doubt with creatures living in it, and that just wasn’t happening in flip flops. I’ll bring my hiking boots next time.


Cable and Lace Candle Cozy

I know Christmas is a long ways away, but I’ve already started making gifts. Actually, I made this for myself, but I’m planning on making a few more for Christmas presents. I might add them to my Etsy shop also, what do you think?


I get these jar candles at Michaels, I think they are $5.99 at full price, but they are frequently on sale or you can use your 40% off coupon. Way cheaper than yankee candle, and I think they are just as nice, they last a long time too. I get them for everyone for Christmas, my mother (she agrees that they are just as nice as Yankee Candle too), my grandmother and aunts, my sisters in law, and a few to keep on hand for emergency gifts. The only drawback is that the scents are seasonal, so right now there are fall scents, my favorites are “Cranberry Compote” and “Harvest,” but if you are set on giving someone a pine tree scented candle, it won’t be in stores until later in the year.

To dress them up a little I’ve started making candle cozys for them. Mostly because they look cute, but they are actually useful too, as they will keep the heat from the candle from damaging any wood they are sitting on.

I used the now discontinued Designer Sport by Red Heart, but any sport weight acrylic or wool yarn would work. I would avoid anything with too much cotton, as it wouldn’t stretch as well to fit around the candle. I was able to make 3 cozys from one ball of yarn. I believe that Yankee Candle and other brands are wider, so you could easily make this pattern larger by sizing up a needle, or adding an additional 10 stitch repeat, as well as making it shorter or taller to fit.

Sportweight Yarn, 4.0 Double Pointed Needles

CO 60 sts, over 3 DPNs (20 sts per needle) to begin working in the round

work K1tbl, P1 ribbing for 3 rnds

Begin 12 round cable and lace pattern

[P, K2, P, K6 ] repeat 6 times
[P, K2tog, YO, P, C4F, K2] repeat 6 times
[P, K2, P, K6 ] repeat 6 times
[P, YO, SSK, P, K6 ] repeat 6 times
[P, K2, P, K2, C4B ] repeat 6 times
[P, K2tog YO, P, K6 ] repeat 6 times
[P, K2, P, K6 ] repeat 6 times
[P, YO, SSK, P, C4F, K2] repeat 6 times
[P, K2, P, K6 ] repeat 6 times
[P, K2tog, YO, P, K6 ] repeat 6 times
[P, K2, P, K2, C4B ] repeat 6 times
[P, YO, SSK, P, K6 ] repeat 6 times


Repeat the cable and lace pattern 3 times

Begin Decreasing
[K8, K2tog] 6 times
[K7, K2tog] 6 times
[K6, K2tog] 6 times
[K5, K2tog] 6 times
[K4, K2tog] 6 times
[K3, K2tog] 6 times
[K2, K2tog] 6 times
[K1, K2tog] 6 times
[K2tog] 6 times

Cut yarn, and thread through the remaining 6 sts, pull tight and weave in ends.

If you make this I’d love to see it, so be sure to post a comment with a link to your photo of the finished project. Also, if you make this for a different brand candle, let me know if it was necessary to alter the pattern.