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Curated Collection, Sunflowers

I’m working on a sunflower in my sketchbook right now, I’m not ready to share yet, but I did find these gorgeous sunflower artworks on Society6, check them out here.

These all reminded me of driving though Kansas several years ago. There really were sunflowers on the sides of the highway, and I would have loved to find a park to stop at, but we were just passing through and didn’t have time. Maybe someday…

Curated Collection: Ocean Waves

I would really, really love a day at the beach right now, but I am just so busy. I’m getting ready for my yoga teacher training next month, getting ready to be away from home and my business during my training, trying to get as much of the never ending yard work done before the summer heat makes it impossible. I guess I’m feeling overwhelmed right now. But here are some beautiful ocean pictures, in my Ocean Waves collection on Society6 that I can at least look at for a few minutes before getting back to my to do list.