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Fall Photography Ideas

Its the middle of September, but it still feels like summer here. Nights and mornings have begun getting cooler, but still in the 80s during the day. What little bit of fall foliage turning color we get is still a few months away. So what do I do when I long to take photos of beautiful autumn forest in full fall color? I try to travel, usually a trip to see family in New England or out to the mountains in Western NC. But I don’t always have as much time as I would like, and getting the foliage just right can be a bit unpredictable no matter how closely I watch the foliage reports. Even in locales that get amazing fall foliage, it really only last a month, an peak color only about a week.

So here is a short list of other fall seasonal themed photo ideas, that don’t focus on the grand landscape shots. Instead think about the smaller details, that are less dramatic but, to me, are equally impactful.

Seasonal harvests, pumpkins, apples, or cotton.

Fall activities and festivals: county fairs, getting lost in a corn maze, apple picking, trick or treating. Really focus on family activities that will be memorable for years to come.

Macro photography of a single leaf. Like in the photo above, of brilliant red virginia creeper leaves in an otherwise green and brown landscape, you may be able to find patches of bright autumn color.

Other plants with fall interest: A garden displaying autumn mum flowers, dunes covered in golden grasses, pine cones, acorns, colorful berries.

Seasonal foods: Apple cider, pumpkin spice latte, hot chocolate, baking for thanksgiving.

Here is a collection of images, some of them my own photos, from Society6 to provide more inspiration.

August Wildflowers

Right now, we are in the last few weeks of summer, and to be honest, I just want fall to be here. I feel like I’ve been in a creative slump as far as my photography goes, the heat, the bugs, early sunrises, and crowds make it difficult to get out. Also, some of my favorite hiking areas are still closed due to damage from Hurricane Florence last September.  But still, there is plenty of beauty around me, if I just take the time to appreciate it. Like these pretty wildflowers I found around my yard. Bee Balm. I love the interesting, multi tiered structure of these flowers. Groundnut, Apios Americana. These flowers are easy to overlook because of their marron, brownish color, but up close they are quite pretty. Also, they are a perennial edible legume. So I may have to do some more research into these and add them to my garden. Wild grapes. These don’t taste good, I’ll just leave them for wildlife to forage. *all photos taken and edited with my iphone

Happy Birthday Virgos!

Virgo, the Virgin, August23 – September 22 Virgo has a gentle, quiet soul and a quick analytical mind, which they use for problem solving and helping others, and they also excel at practical long term planning.

Looking Forward to Fall

It hasn’t been a very good summer. Not at all. We have gotten so much rain. And when it wasn’t raining we were working in the yard, building a new area for the dogs. We haven’t even been to the beach more than a few times. And then, when we started get caught up, and I thought I would get a chance to give my neglected gardens some love, I broke my hand. So right now, I am really, really looking forward to fall.

Collection of pretty Fall inspired artwork on Society6