“Birch” Illustration


I’ve been working on this illustration for awhile, and finally finished it earlier this month. Although I usually work digitally, this illustration is hand done, using pen and ink, and then cut out and adhered to a black background. For me working by hand is always a bit nerve racking. Unlike with digital work, a mistake can’t be easily deleted, and I’m constantly in fear of screwing up and throwing away all that time and effort I put into my artwork. Fortunately, no screw ups here, and I’m really, really happy with my finished artwork.

2 thoughts on ““Birch” Illustration

  1. Clare

    This is really cool, and I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone to make it. Funny, I usually only work by hand, but I’ve been learning digital illustration over the past few months. It feels like a good challenge, though!

    1. RyanMcGurl Post author

      Thank you! I know how you feel about the digital illustration programs, they were a challenge for me at first too.

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