New Magnolia Illustration and my Sketchbook

Last spring I blogged about a page in my sketchbook, and showed the process of a magnolia illustration I had done. (Check it out here.) Now, I’ve finished a digital, vector illustration using that sketch as a template. I actually started this not too long after the original sketch, but I felt like something about it just wasn’t working. So I put it aside for awhile. Recently, I started working on it again. I changed the background from a light blue to this darker shade, and added the small leaves at the base of the flowers. Suddenly it felt finished. Originally, I hadn’t wanted to do a pink colorway, but it ended up being my favorite. What do you think?

What else am I working on? This fun little sketch of a mermaid’s tail. I wasn’t home, so I used colored pencil to add color instead of marker. I’ve really been loving colored pencil lately.

And just a few days ago I finished this drawing of some daffodils.