Sailor Jerry Swallows

I finished this digital illustration of a pair of swallows last week. The inspiration was Sailor Jerry style, vintage inspired tattoo design. Because of the long distances they travel, sailors would get a swallow tattooed on them after sailing more than 5000 miles, or a pair after 10000, or after a particularly perilous trip. The also represent love and coming home.

This was a pretty quick illustration for me, I worked at it a little each day for about a week. Then once I figured out how to draw one of the wings it all came together and I spent an afternoon locked in my office finishing it.

I’m pretty happy with this, I like the simplicity and the bold colors. I’m considering doing some more tattoo inspired pieces, maybe a dragon or a mermaid.

One thought on “Sailor Jerry Swallows

  1. Pierre SOREL

    I am thinking about making one of them a tatoo… Don’t hesitate to send me the original file if you are interested.

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