New! Maple Leaf Illustration

I’m really happy with this new illustration, of a maple leaf, that I finished. This all began with the silver maple tree in my yard, I love the shape and detail of the leaves, so I started drawing one in my sketchbook last fall, but didn’t finish it until last month, which you can see in this blog post of my sketchbook. Then I used my sketch as a basis for a digital illustration.
Now I’m contemplating a pair of these leggings created with my artwork on society6.   Shameless self promotion aside (although I really might get these leggings), there are a ton of great artists on society6, if you haven’t checked them out you should. And the artwork is available on a bunch of items, including wall tapestries, cell phone cases, and t shirts. So far, the only item of purchased is a tote bag. I’m happy with the quality of it, nothing special, just a canvas bag with handles, but its been on several trips to the farmers market and days at the beach.