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In my Sketchbook, Maple Leaf

Here is a recently completed sketch of a maple leaf.

I started with just a rough outline, first in pencil, then traced in pen.
I added color using water color paints. I usually like to use markers, but I really wanted something soft and more blendable here.I’ve started building up and darkening the lines. I had some trouble with this. My favorite sakura pens weren’t working very well. I think maybe because I used a mixed media paper that the paint didn’t really soak into? I don’t usually use paints. Instead I used a gel pen, I had no problems working over the paint, but I feel like the lines aren’t as clean as I would like. Its hard to tell on the computer screen, and really, it won’t bother anyone but me.
The finished piece. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this, and I’ve started a digital illustration of this same design, which I plan to have finished in the next few weeks.

Curated Collection: Autumn

Its September 1, that means it is the beginning of fall! My favorite season. Yes, I do know that the official start of fall isn’t for another 3 weeks, but I just love it too much to wait. So, here is a beautiful collection of Autumn Leaves artworks I found on Society 6

I’m ready for cozy fall fashion (even though it is still too warm for sweaters here), gardening with mums and pretty pumpkins, fall scented candles, warm drinks, and hiking in the woods.

What are your favorite fall activities?

Hidden Falls at Hanging Rock State Park

This is a photo I took in October 2015, at Hanging Rock State Park, here in North Carolina. I had a great day, taking a few short hikes with Panzer and Sasha, but I wasn’t very happy with my photos. I had intended to photograph the waterfalls surrounded by autumn foliage, but nature just wasn’t cooperating. The leaves were not at peak color yet and I’m not sure if it would have made much of a difference anyways, the rhodadendrons around the falls would have stayed green. But I was so proud of myself for using a long exposure to give the water that beautiful gauzy effect. And its a very pretty waterfall and I was happy with the compostition, just not the colors. It took me over a year to settle on the obvious solution, change it to black and white. And now I love it!

I’m not sure “Hidden Falls” is the best name for this waterfall. There is a very clearly marked, relatively easy trail from the parking lot to the river.

Craggy Gardens, Spring and Fall

During the last week of October, I once again took a trip out to the Blue Ridge Mountains, to see the fall foliage. Below are two photos taken at the same location, Craggy Gardens, elevation above 5000 feet, on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. I love the bright pink rhododendrons and the green foliage in the spring. But I also love the red berries in the fall.

What do you think? Do you prefer the spring or fall (or maybe you like summer or winter) best? Where is your favorite place to see the seasons change?


Craggy Gardens, Blue Ridge Parkway, October 2016


Craggy Gardens, Blue Ridge Parkway, June 2016