In my Sketchbook, “the Edge of the Sea”

“Always the edge of the sea remains an elusive and indefinable boundary… belonging now to the land, now to the sea.” Rachel Carson, The Edge of the Sea

This is something completely different from what I normally do in my sketchbook. Usually I use sharp, bold lines, and when I do add color is from brightly colored markers. But I felt like mixing it up, for more of an art journal or altered art project.

For the background I started with one of my own photos, which I played around with digitally to lighten it and to give it more of a cool blue color. Then I used some stamps to subtly add texture in light blue and silver. Then I added more stamping, in a bold copper color to add contrast and make the piece more interesting. Then for more texture, I used the light blue and copper ink pads around the edges. It came out a bit heavier than I wanted, but I like it. I wrote the quote with a black marker. Its been so long since I wrote in cursive, that I had to stop and think about what I was doing a few times. Then I used a dark blue washi tape to adhere the picture into my sketchbook. Not only does it cover where markers have bled through from the backside, but I like the contrast of the geometric design and the organic feel the rest of this piece has.

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