Dahlia Papercut and Vector Illustration

A few years ago my Mom and I went to NYC, to see an exhibit of Henri Mattisse’s papercuts at MOMA. I loved it! Many of the pieces were huge, some taking up an entire gallery wall, and they wer so full of joy. I can’t post any photos without violating copyright, but you can check it out here.

A few months later I needed some artwork for the spare bedroom, something quick and cheap that would have an impact. So I decided to make a collage with paper cuts myself. This is loosely based on a Dahlia flower. It took longer than I expected, but I’m really happy with it. Since I usually work digitally the layers and texture are very exciting.

This is actually part of a pair, the second one is still floating around my office not quite finished. Maybe I’ll get it done in time for my parents visit in a few weeks…

Recently, I used adobe illustrator to make a vector design, using a photo of my paper cut as a guide. While it lacks the tactile qualities of the original, I still really love this design, and I’m thinking of trying it in a few different colorways. Maybe a bold red?

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