Yoga Breakthrough and Etsy Treasury

 Yesterday I had a minor breakthrough during yoga; I finally felt comfortable in fish pose. Most people don’t find this to be a particularly difficult pose, but my lower back doesn’t bend. When I was a teenager, I had back surgery for scoliosis, and my lower 6 vertebrae were fused together. Mostly this is a great thing, I would otherwise have a crooked spine. Also, I’m less likely to have back problems in the future as I age. The downside is that I do have reduced flexibility. In reality it’s almost never an issue, my body has compensated and my hips are more flexible. But there are a few poses, not necessarily difficult ones, that I feel uncomfortable in, or just get no benefit from.

 Yesterday, during a yin class (deep stretching), I tried it with the blocks in different positions than I had previously, and was able to finally feel some benefit and gentle stretching in my middle and upper back. It continually surprises me how my body keeps getting stronger and more flexible, in addition to the mental benefits. This is also a great example of how yoga translates to life, accepting your weaknesses doesn’t mean accepting defeat.

Do you practice yoga? What are your favorite type of classes? What do you struggle with?

Fish Pose

Momentum Yoga


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  I just love all these yoga goodies I found on Etsy, and I actually have and use the planner stickers, if you’re into planning I highly recommend that seller. What gear do you feel is essential to your practice?

3 thoughts on “Yoga Breakthrough and Etsy Treasury

  1. Clare

    Congratulations on feeling relaxed in fish pose — that’s one of my favourite asanas. It really helps to open the heart 🙂 I answer to your questions, I love both Sivananda and Ashtanga yoga and Yin every now and again to really relax. Asana wise, I love shoulderstand and headstand.
    Thanks again for including my print in your treasury. Much appreciated.

  2. Clare

    Congratulations and good work. “accepting your weaknesses doesn’t mean accepting defeat” is so true but it’s taken me years personally to come to really *get* this 🙂 I’ve recently returned to yoga after several years not practicing. I’ve been tempted to go really quickly into back bends, and I’ve learned the hard way that I need to go gradually.

  3. Hena Tayeb

    that is great! good for you.
    I have been meaning to start practicing yoga for sometime now.. waiting for both kiddo’s to be off to school so I have sometime for myself and so me activities.

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