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52 Photos Project: Black and White

The fishing pier in Emerald Isle. I took this back in November, when my parents visited for Thanksgiving, and we spent an afternoon driving along the barrier island of Bogue Banks. For the most part the beach is actually not visible from the road, because of homes and dunes. But there are a few public fishing piers that allow you to walk out over the ocean for several hundred feet, as well as public town beaches and a state park.

In Black and White, and in color. I think I like the Black and White version better. What do you think?

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IMG_2196 - Version 2


52 Photos Project: End of the Season


Back when I lived in New England I remember the weather noticeably cooling after Labor Day; almost as if someone had flipped a switch. But here in the south, we are about a month behind the seasons changing, and it is only now at the end of September that the nights and morning are slightly less hot and humid, while the days are still quite hot. It will be early november before we see any change in the leaves. I have however started planting my fall garden. Pictured above are my broccoli plants, which are doing very well this year. My collards however seem to have attracted the attention of a rabbit, and I’m not sure if they will recover.

52 Photos Project: A Dog Walker

IMG_1966 - Version 2

I almost didn’t post a photo for this week, because I felt like it was a total cop out to just put up a photo of Jon or I walking one of our dogs. But then I remembered I have this photo, that I love, from a few weeks ago. This is from Labor Day, we took a day trip to Ocracoke Island and spent the afternoon on the beach.