Portsmouth Island Village


A few hours from us, on one of the island of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, is an abandoned fishing village we’ve been wanting to visit, and we finally made it.

At one point during the colonial period this was one of the busiest ports in North Carolina, mainly unloading cargo from ocean going ships, and onto smaller ships that could navigate the sounds, but for various reasons slowly became deserted, with the last residents leaving in 1979. It was really amazing how well preserved it still was.

IMG_3397 IMG_3413 IMG_3408 IMG_3412

It really was an amazing place to walk around, there were maybe 20 visitors total. We’ll definitely come back here in the fall, when there are fewer bugs (they weren’t too bad, but bug spray was definitely necessary) and cooler weather for walking.
For more information, check out Friends of Portsmouth Island.