Cape Lookout, South Core Banks

Last week we went camping in the National Seashore again. This time on the South Core Banks, which I prefer to the North Core Banks. The Lighthouse and other historic buildings are on the Southern Island, as well as some great swimming spots, and I find a lot of seashells here too.

First Row:
One of our trucks on the ferry.
Dirt road through the historic village.
Sunset over the Sound.

Second Row:
Sitting in the tide pools. We saw a shark, so we decided not to gout outside the sandbars that afternoon.
A dead puffer fish.
Whelk shells decorating a fence


Third Row:
Blanket flowers.
Cape Lookout Lighthouse.
Sea Oats.

Forth Row:
A beautiful view of the beach from the cabin.
A friends daughter running from the waves. She wasn’t quick enough.
Calm waters inside “the hook.”

Fifth Row:
The beach.
An abandoned home.
Sunrise. Wasn’t it nice of Sasha to wake me up at 6 am so I could see this?

Miles hiked: 17.6
This year: 40.4

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