Edinbrugh Castle

I’ve been meaning to post the rest of my photos from Scotland, but I’ve been having trouble accessing my website admin. After way to long on the phone, it turned out to be an easy fix, I started using Chrome as a web browser, instead of Safari.

I got to visit a castle, a real one! I’d never been in a castle before. It was really interesting to walk around, no hidden torture chambers though (or they are still hidden, at least from the public). It is actually still an active military base though.


The castle sits on top of a hill that towers over the city.img_3743

I loved all the thistles decorating the castle, like this one carved into the stonework.img_3757

I was surprised that the castle was mainly a military installation. I guess I expected more of a luxurious home for royalty. And while there were some very grand parts of the castle, such as a massive dining hall, for the most part it was clearly built for strategic purposes.img_3768

From the castle, the view of the city, and the Firth of Forth was amazing.