2017 Goals and Progress

Every year I set goals, and I usually don’t accomplish most of them. We are now 1 month into 2017, and here is my progress, or lack thereof.

Read 17 Books- Back before I started knitting and got an iPad, I used to read alot. And at some point I stopped. I haven’t finished any books yet this year, but I’ve started “Coraline”, by Neil Gaimen and “You are a Badass,” by Jenn Sicaro.

Finish making Christmas Gifts by Thanksgiving. Every year I spend the weeks before Christmas frantically trying to finish gifts instead of enjoying the holiday season. Every year I tell myself this year will be different. I haven’t started any gifts yet.

Learn 12 songs on the Banjo- No progress on this one yet.

Explore and take photos locally- I’ve actually done okay with this, trying to take a long walk in different places every week. And bring my camera with me.

Hike the Neusiok Trail- I plan to start this weekend, and do the 20 mile trail as a series of day hikes. I definitely have to get this done in February, or else wait until November because once it warms up bugs will be an issue.

Travel internationally- I honestly don’t know if this will be possible this year, but I remain hopeful!


Create 12 Illustrations I love- I was kind of in a creative funk, but in the last week I’ve started a sketch that will hopefully be the basis for a magnolia flower illustration.

Document my life using Happy Planner and Project Life- I’m one of those people who has all there photos on their hard drive, but once they’ve been posted to Instagram they are largely forgotten. I’ve tried to keep up with project life in the past, and failed. I’m the worst at editing and printing out my photos. This year I’ve given myself permission to order prints online instead of printing them out at home, hopefully this will make it easier to maintain, but only a month into 2017 I can’t really say.

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity- During the election I got really frustrated, because some of the people I know who scream the loudest that government needs to do more to help the less fortunate, are also the people I know who do the least for others themselves. I understand that if you don’t have much money, you can’t donate much money. But you can volunteer. Which I don’t do myself. But I’ve decided to volunteer 1 day a month with Habitat for Humanity. It doesn’t seem like much, but I wanted to be realistic with how much time I could give. I’ve had  minor health problem recently (more of an inconvenience, than anything to actually worry about), so I haven’t started volunteering yet, but now that its being resolved I have no more excuses.

Have an organized and functional office and finish our bedroom- Progress is being made, slowly.

Grow more food- Obviously, I haven’t gotten much accomplished towards this goal in January, just reading seed catalogs and dreaming of spring.

Become a yoga teacher- Due to the same health problem that prevented my from volunteering, I’ve also been slacking off with yoga. I’ve gotten back to it this week, and am incorporating 10 minutes of stretching into my morning routine. And I’ll go back to class next week. As far as getting my teacher training certificate, I have booked a weekend at Yogaville, and if I like it than, hopefully, I can start my teacher training in the summer session.

Make healthy habits a priority- I haven’t been very good at this at all this month. I’ve definitely let myself fall into a rut. So, for february I will focus on my morning routine, drinking plenty of water, and having healthy snacks available at all times. Snacks are definitely my downfall.

Looking at this I can see I’ve felt stuck for the month of January, which has affected many areas of my life. But things are looking up, so I’m choosing to be positive. I can also see that I have made progress towards some of my goals, so maybe I need to stop being so hard on myself. What goals are you working towards? How are you progressing?

One thought on “2017 Goals and Progress

  1. Van

    I feel you on not hitting goals, I have the same issues :\ haha. Business is going well here but I need to, like you, take photos, walk, explore nature, travel, have self-care and “me” time. I’ve been eating healthy but neglected the gym, it’s hard to “do it all”. You can do it, it’s progress that you’re acknowledging you were stuck, let’s move forward 🙂


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