NYC in Instagram

Way back in February, my Mom and I went to NYC for a weekend, so I could see Henri Matisse: The Cut-outs. It was amazing, and worth the trip. The cutouts were so colorful and joyful. Of course, I kept imagining Matisse’s assistants, who must have been so excited about obtaining and apprenticeship with such a successful artist, only to be frustrated about doing nothing but painting plain sheets of paper, and then being instructed to place it just so inside of the collage. “No, no, a little to the right. Too far, back to the left just a bit…” Unfortuanately I couldn’t take any pictures inside the exhibit, but thats ok. Sometimes having a camera helps me to focus on what is beautiful, and other times it can get in the way of just immersing myself in an experience.

Here are my instagram photos from the weekend. Like me, my Mom is a great walker (wonder where I get it from?) and we spent the whole weekend walking all over the city. Midtown to Central Park, then to Bryant Park and the Library, Union Square, The Highline and Chelsea Market, and Little Italy. Of course, we tried to avoid Times Square, but did walk through it accidentally.


I figured that I walked about 38 miles that weekend, bringing my total for the year to 47.6. Its pretty far from my goal of 500. I have several walks and hikes I haven’t blogged yet, but sill if I want to reach my goal of 500 miles for 2015, I better get moving.